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Traditional therapies see the body, mind, and spirit as different parts.

Trauma-informed sees what the real "problem" is. Not only the person's behaviour, which in many cases is only a symptom of the trauma. 

My indigenous background gives me and unique ability to relate to people, nature and their interrelation. Indigenous believes in energy and the healing of the individual through the soul. The same basis of trauma-informed therapy. Which beliefs in the energy "stuck" in the body after a traumatic situation.


Through my trauma-healing session, I help my clients to


- Find their own voice. To feel secure to be who they really are.

- Be their self-healer. 

- Reconnect with their body. Trauma is more than an event. Trauma is what happens inside the body. The disconnection and the defence mechanism created by the body as a response.

- Learn how to regulate your nervous system. To manage the energy inside you in the best way. And learn to release that energy stored in your body that creates physical diseases.

- Reframe your present. Our mind creates painful narratives to support our feeling of "the world is not safe", "I am not good enough", or "people will not want to go to love me."

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